Catawissa Topset Onions
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CFM Egyptian Onions
The Catawissa
Topset Onion
grows to a height
of2 1\2 Feet. It’s
earlier and much
more productive
than the similiar
Egyptian topset
onion, because it
forms many more
underground bulbs.
The topsets are unique
because they often have a
second tier of bulbils growing
above and out of the earlier
lower set. The elongated
bulbils have a more brownish
to maroon color than the
rounder Egyptian variety.
Extremely hardy and safe to
plant in all areas of the  
continental U.S..
Due to an abundant crop we are for the first time able to offer the in-
ground onion bulbs for the same price as the small topset bulbils. These
in-ground bulbs are much superior and will get you off to a much better
start. They are available in all three varieties until the supply runs out